The Fragrance Iceberg

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they're great, but do not mean a product is great for the 🌎

The Fragrance Iceberg


The new F word

There's more to most things than what meets the eye. In the case of synthetic fragrance, it's what meets the nose. We created this iceberg metaphor as a reference point for anyone wondering what the problem is with all these traditional laundry, skincare, deodorant, etc. fragrances that we've seen for decades.

From being a trade secret (undisclosed to consumers) to containing thousands of unnamed chemicals — this F word puts the other to shame. To combat the lack of industry transparency, we worked with the highest quality suppliers of essential oils to create one of a kind blends in our laundry products — each of which are 100% pure, undiluted, and responsibly sourced.

In this article, we'll dive into the depths of synthetic fragrance, why we choose essential oils instead, and why it makes all the difference:

Keep your 👀 on the ingredient list

At the surface

At surface level, the word fragrance appears on an ingredient list. It reads as one singular ingredient, but that couldn't be farther from reality. If you come across a product with the term 'fragrance' (aka parfum) on its ingredient list, then that's your cue to put it back on the shelf (or close the tab if you are shopping online). This deceptive ingredient is found mostly in cleaning and personal care products, but also in diapers, garbage bags, candles, and more. 

Below the surface

Fragrance is a 'trade secret' — which is corporate jargon for not having to disclose what it really is to consumers.

If you've ever had any type of skin irritation from laundry products, the culprit is very likely to have been fragrance. It is loaded into traditional detergents, softeners, even dryer sheets, to trick your nose into thinking the clothes are clean. 

Way below the surface

There are an unlimited amount of chemicals, in countless combinations used to derive any given fragrance. The majority of which are known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens containing parabens, phthalates, and various other artificial preservatives. But here's the thing: it's not as if brands have some 'secret formula' hiding in a vault somewhere that defines every fragrance they use, it's actually worse — they don't even know themselves.

There is an entire industry behind the scenes for formulating fragrances, often called 'perfumers,' specializing in deriving all the many scents in countless products. The problem isn't even them, it's the corporations hiring them that do not demand transparency in the ingredients used to derive the fragrances they create. As much as we advocate for avoiding synthetic fragrances, this article is more so a call for complete transparency so that consumers can make product choices understanding precisely what is in them.

Why we choose Essential Oils

Directly from the source

Every essential oil we use is either cold pressed or steam distilled directly from the source. For example our Restorative Blend contains a trio of lemon, grapefruit, and peppermint essential oils. Our lemon and grapefruit oils are cold pressed from their fresh peels and our peppermint oil is steam distilled from aerial parts (peppermint leaves). The result: a scent derived from a blend that is 100% transparent — enabling us to provide you with exactly what it is, how it is derived, and where it is sourced.

100% Purity

Because our Essential Oils are 100% pure, by their own nature (literally) they may vary slightly from season to season. We do not add isolated compounds to the oil to try to standardize the naturally occurring variations of a particular oil. We take both the organoleptic (sight, smell, and taste) and chemical properties into account when selecting and testing our Essential Oils.

Where we come in

In addition to each of our hand-crafted laundry products being infused with a trio of 100% pure essential oils, we also currently offer them separately in our Restorative scent (with plans to offer all of our blends in the future) as a scent booster for your laundry and / or your own aromatherapy use. The Restorative Dry is perfect if you are looking for stronger scented laundry without exposing yourself to the harmful ingredients in synthetic fragrances. Included is a set of 3 themed Wool Dryer Balls along with 1 ounce of the Restorative Blend. If you already have a set of Wool Dryer Balls as home, we also offer the Restorative Blend on its own in quantities of 1 ounce, 2 ounces, and 4 ounces.

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