Our Story


Blur's story begins the moment we realized we could not pronounce or recognize many of the ingredients found in typical laundry detergents. What were we exposing ourselves to on a daily basis? After doing extensive research, we found many of these ingredients are known to be toxic and irritating to those of us with sensitive skin. 

There has to be a better way to do this, right?

Cue months of researching, studying, and developing a clear understanding of the problem at hand in the laundry industry. We partnered with a chemist, formulated our own detox laundry powder, and began building a unique community on Instagram. We chose to utilize all the time spent in quarantine to kickstart our vision for Blur Laundry. Our company is built on the promise of delivering a truly non-toxic, sustainable alternative in laundry. 

Here’s what we found:


Problem: According to Frontiers in Medicine, 60-70% of women and 50-60% of men self-reported having sensitive skin. Toxic chemicals prove to be very irritating to these individuals. 

Solution: A short list of ingredients that you’ll recognize and know. Each rated an ‘A’ by the Environmental Working Group, you’ll never have to worry about a detergent irritating your skin again. Our Detox Laundry Powders deliver the cleaning powder you desire while staying free from all the harsh chemicals.


Problem: 70% of recycled plastic detergent jugs never actually get recycled.

Solution: Paper packaging for our Laundry Powder & Compostable PLA packaging for our Wool Dryer Balls / Wooden Scoop. By the end of 2020, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. It's time for a change. 


Problem: The ‘fragrance’ loophole in an ingredient list can encompass an infinite amount of toxic chemicals.

Solution: Our Detox Laundry Powders are scented only with organic, all-natural essential oils. No exceptions. 


Problem: We collectively go through a ridiculous amount of plastic scoops, yet it's rarely ever talked about. 

Solution: Two options; option #1, opt-in for our reusable Wooden Scoop for no additional charge. Option #2: we know you probably have an extra Tablespoon scoop lying around the house. No reason to waste by sending you another if you don’t need/want one. Help us eliminate single-use plastic scoops. 


Problem: Dryer sheets & liquid fabric softeners are toxic & expensive.

Solution: Our 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls are non-toxic, last 1000+ loads, and reduce drying time by 25-40%. If you find yourself constantly buying dryer sheets, having skin irritations to liquid fabric softeners, or just want a better performing dryer product, our Wool Dryer Balls are the way to go. 


… the list could go on and on, but we’ll save you the suspense. Any way you put it, non-toxic is always better. And that's where blur enters the discussion. 

Our story is just beginning, but we are so happy that you're here. With your help, we can collectively set a new standard in laundry. A standard that is free from unnecessary toxins and negligent packaging. For your well-being, always.