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Relaunch Update
Our new (and improved) packaging has arrived! Sourced from recycled milk jugs and water bottles, this bag is more durable than our previous packaging while remaining sustainably-focused. Additionally, it is 100% made in the USA!
Here’s what to expect:
• 2X detergent per bag
• Durable packaging material
• Enzymes targeting 3 different types of stains
• Oxygen Boost added to brighten fabrics
We are now planning to relaunch in late September / early October. We will first become available exclusively on our website, with our Amazon store launching shortly thereafter.
We appreciate everyone's continued patience and support. We are looking forward to relaunching soon!

We'll be right back

Hi everyone! James here, founder of blur laundry, with an important update to share about our small business. We are expanding production of our Laundry Detergent Powder with plans to launch on Amazon (fast order processing & shipping are on the way).

Everything we've done to this point has been directly from our hands to yours—thousands of orders mixed, packed, and shipped by our team of two. It was this time last year when we outgrew our in-house set up and began searching for the right partners to help meet the increased demand.

Our approach was the same as when we started, with a strong emphasis on ingredient transparency, cleaning efficacy, and manufacturing in the USA. Setting the tone early with our brand values quickly narrowed our options.

After a full year of discussions and lots of formulating/sampling, we're excited to have partnered with a U.S. based detergent manufacturer with over five decades of industry experience.

With this partnership, we're going to be combining their profound knowledge in laundry chemistry with our commitment to the following three values: non-toxic, sustainable, and healthy. The result will be a safe, high-quality ingredient formulation that doesn't sacrifice on performance. Our beloved essential oil blends we launched with will be back to provide the same light, refreshing scents to our products.

The journey to get here was not linear, and while we've done things a bit unconventionally so far, the single reason we are still here is because of our community of amazing customers that believe in what we're doing. We wouldn't be able to take this next step without your support.

In the meantime, enjoy some memories from the journey that was. We'll be back very soon.

Backyard grads

Because 2020, right? Graduating from Florida State University at home wasn't on our bingo card, but we made the most of it.

It's an important part of the story because (literally) the day after, a crazy idea hit us to start a business around laundry detergent.

Not your average workout

The first delivery of raw materials to the front door was... heavy. That was just the beginning.

Over the past few years, we handled over 20,000 pounds of powder ingredients.

Bringing it to life

We found most detergents are either fragrance free or filled with overbearing perfumes that are harsh on sensitive skin.

Our goal was to find a happy medium—free from anything synthetic. This brought us to blending essential oils.

Humble beginnings

If you've ordered from us at any point, your products have been hand made and shipped by us.

From our handwritten thank you notes to adding customer names on every bag of detergent—we aim to deliver a personalized experience built on our gratitude for your support.

Moving forward, we'll never lose sight of where we started and will maintain this approach as we grow.

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