6 Pack New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

6 Pack New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

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Meet your newest alternative to dryer sheets & liquid fabric softener. 

  Reduce drying time by 25-40% - Less time in the dryer, more money saved on your electricity bill

      Eliminate static cling - Naturally absorbs moisture throughout the dry

        Reusable 1000+ loads - No more having to continuously purchase dryer sheets

        100% New Zealand Wool - No harsh chemicals or synthetic fillers, non-toxic, safe for sensitive skin


      The Active Dry™️ includes 3 large New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls that will transform your laundry routine forever.

      The Problem: Dryer sheets create tons of unnecessary single-use waste, pollute our air with toxins, & leave a variety of chemicals on our clothes when used. 

      The Solution: Our Wool Dryer Balls are reusable for 1000+ loads (roughly 2 years for the average laundry do’er), sustainably dry clothes, & contain absolutely zero chemicals of any kind.

      Each wool dryer ball works to naturally soften fabric, reduce drying time by 25-40%, & absorb moisture / eliminate static cling. Active is the antonym of static, hence ‘Active Dry.’ 


      Our wool for each dryer ball is sourced from family-owned farms in New Zealand, individually hand-felted in Nepal, sent to us, then sent to you. In New Zealand, the wool is of the highest quality in the world, farmers are held to a much higher environmental standards, and cruelty-free legislation is enforced to ensure the safety of each sheep. 

      Once the wool is sourced, it is sent to Nepal where it is hand-felted into individual dryer balls. We have partnered with a Fair Trade supplier that pays fair wages to each employee for their efforts. The finished wool dryer balls are then sent to us to be packaged, then shipped to you!

      It is quite the long journey, but a necessary one to deliver the highest quality and safest drying experience for you & the planet.


      Load Size: 1000 loads

      Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Wool

      Directions: Toss all three wool dryer balls into your dryer, add your wet laundry, and start your dryer. Remove laundry, and leave them in for your next load!

      Tips: Add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils to each ball for a natural scent booster. Eliminate static cling for good by lightly dampening your wool dryer balls for the last few minutes of the drying cycle.

      Disclaimer: Our wool dryer balls will be very enticing for your dog/cat to make into their new favorite toy. To ensure longevity, keep them in the dryer at all times. 

      Shipping: 3-5 days domestic via USPS. We do not currently ship internationally, but we are working on it.

          Ditch dryer sheets and join the movement towards safer laundry products! Add to cart and get the Active Dry today!