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Active Dry

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Meet your newest alternative to dryer sheets & liquid fabric softener. Our 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls naturally softens fabric, reduces your drying time by 25-40%, & absorbs moisture / eliminates static cling. Active is the antonym of static, hence ‘Active Dry.’

  1. Toss your 3 Large Wool Dryer Balls into your dryer
  2. Add your wet laundry & start your dryer
  3. Remove laundry, leave them in for your next load
  • Add a 5-10 of your favorite essential oils directly onto your wool dryer balls for a naturally added scent booster
  • Eliminate static cling for good by lightly dampening your wool dryer balls for the last few minutes of the dry cycle


Our Wool Dryer Balls last 2-3 years (1000+ loads). By far the most cost efficient option when it comes to drying/softening clothes.
Safe for sensitive skin:

Dryer sheets & liquid fabric softeners contain tons of unnecessary harsh chemicals. The Active Dry is a wonderful way to ensure that your skin will never be exposed to them. Our Wool Dryer Balls are 100% New Zealand wool to their core. Never any added fillers or knock-off materials.

Safe for the environment:

  • Sustainable ingredients/packaging is & will always be our top priority. The Active Dry is packaged in plant-based compostable PLA. 
  • Our wool is sourced ethically in New Zealand. In New Zealand, farmers are held to much higher environmental standards & cruelty-free practices. 
  • Your dog is going to think our Wool Dryer Balls are a toy. To ensure longevity, keep them in the dryer at all times.