Calming Cleanse (50 Loads)
Calming Cleanse (50 Loads)

Calming Cleanse (50 Loads)

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At last, a laundry detergent engineered for your well-being. With just 5 earth-derived ingredients, our concentrated Detox Laundry Powder delivers a powerful wash, minus the harsh chemicals.

Infused with our unique blend of tea tree, cedarwood, & clove essential oils, the Calming Cleanse provides an all-natural, woodsy aroma that has never before been introduced to laundry. 

  1. Select hot or warm water
  2. Before adding laundry, sprinkle laundry powder evenly throughout the drum of your washer, for both standard/HE machines.
  3. Toss your clothes in the dryer for an Active Dry!
  • Hard water? Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to balance the pH level
  • No need for the dispenser cup, add our powder directly to the drum regardless of the washer you have

Safe for all machines / septic systems:

Our laundry powder works with high efficiency, standard, top loaders, & front loaders! With no clays, fillers, or foaming surfactants, our laundry powder is safe for all septic systems. 

Safe for sensitive skin:

For those (especially little ones) with various skin sensitivities, eczema, contact dermatitis, allergies to fragrance, we hear you. Finding a detergent that is truly safe for sensitive skin is a challenge to say the least. That’s why we’re so thrilled you’ve found us. 

Safe for the environment:

Sustainable ingredients/packaging is & will always be our top priority. All of our Detox Laundry Powders are packaged in recyclable high barrier paper. The barrier function of the paper protects moisture & oxygen for the powder to maintain its quality. Offering a reusable Wooden Scoop for new customers at no additional charge is our attempt to reduce unnecessary waste & single-use plastic.

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